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Multi Tracking - ASIA


An Inspiring talk with Producer/Engineer Yotam Agam on his experience on the road, traveling and recording Multi-Track productions in villages, jungles, and cities across Asia for over 15 years. An insight on how to approach challenging acoustic environments with rare and unknown instruments.

How to develop your skills as a creative person on the road and how to nurture and embrace the musicians and their tradition.

For over a decade Yotam has been traveling, recording and collecting music, samples, and soundbites in Asia.

With his base in South India and a wide network all across the Indian Ocean, Yotam has led and produced many projects that involved extremely complex outdoor and studio recordings. His productions are very contemporary, but yet are very true to the original sound he records on location.


Yotam is leading the Award-winning label EarthMoments who specialize in Acoustic  Instrument Sampling. He also consults and designs products for major software companies such as Native Instruments, Ableton, Presonus and many more.


In this workshop, we will visit a few of the projects—in Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand, and India, and we will learn and become inspired by the techniques he used to record and produce.

We will also get a glimpse of the role that music plays in Asia within a community, and how conscious listening can make the world a better place.


Duration 2 hours  


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