Updated: Dec 31, 2019

South India, Deep tradition, rich culture, strong people, simplicity and complexity, hot, wet, tribal and urban...HOME for me since 2004.

spent many years of my adult life, developing a professional and a personal experience in this city. a city that grew up to be a metro and refuses to act as one. its like a mega village.

Coming to Chennai you need to know your way and preferably have someone who consider himself local, knows his way around, otherwise the city may not be so welcoming with what some people may call "Difficult weather" (not for us) , traffic and too many centres ...

I really owe the people of Chennai and Tamilnadu a big respect, first for their enormous hearts and smiles, their deep eyes and their simple yet strong lessons of life they have taught me.

Being a proud Tamilian, I would like list below my favourite routine of the city in case you come across.


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Shala by Ravi and Srimathy

An open space, nestled on a Roof top in the beautiful green RA Puram neighbourhood on the banks of the Adyar river. while the space is covered from the sun it offers a great warm (more like very hot) south India breeze, coconut tree views , sounds of tropical birds and smells of Agrabatti (incense), South Indian sambar breakfast all mixed into the waking up city..

the space is carrying the "Ashtanga" name and tradition but it is a centre for a versatile community of people across all ages and practices. you are welcome to do your practice or just wait for Ravi or Srimathy to attend to you and tailor you with self practice.

in such a beautiful and simple way the space works all mornings and afternoon and is a home for many.

Once you have done your morning practice, turn right to CP Rama Swami road and look for Sangitha Restaurant who offer the best EVER "Degree Coffee" (South Indian filter coffee)... make sure you are asking for separate sugar ;-) .... and eat some idly or dosa for energy.


I can go on and on about the food in Chennai, many have spoken about it and you can find online plenty of links... I will touch here just the very few who will leave you with a signature experience.