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Being born in the desert and and leading a nomadic life, Working with my body has been my only refuge on the road.

In 2004 as a Producer and Musician based in South Asia  I stumbled across a sweaty and humble south Indian Yoga Ashram and started my Yoga journey.

intact by the journey I have been practicing Hata and Shivananda for a few years in India. introduce to Ashtanga in 2010 and finish a 500 hour teacher training course in 2013 .

Hand in hand I brought my passion for sound and music to the mat and by introducing the dimension of music I started developing different techniques that helped me deepen my practice . from meditation to flow and inspiring others to be creative .

I am lucky to  share this experience, I headline for the largest Yoga festivals (Wanderlust….) and i teach and run workshops in studios, all over the world.

I am totally immersed into the practice and it carry me around all trough my days. i try to deliver this to the student and teach them my biggest challenge ….to Listen.... to myself , my body and to others .

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