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May the divine protect us together

May it nourish us together

may we work together uniting our strength for the good of humanity


May our leanings be luminous and purposeful 

may there never be a conflict of interest between us 


May there be peace within us 

May there be peace between us

May the be peace around us 


(inspired by Kia Naddermier my Teacher)

I Teach at 
EllaYoga Sarona 

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From the moments I stepped on the Mat, it all made sense. I study, practice and share mat for over15 years.

My Practice is inspired by the traditional Ashtanga practice, A soft and gentle flow wrapped and driven by sounds and rhythms I compose for each class.

what started as a short physical practice took over all aspects of my life.

I fulfil all my dreams and achievement trough the practice .

I am grateful and respectful to all the guru's and beautiful people in my journey who keep inspiring me.

As the years go by, I thrive to share my experience, as sharing and teaching goes

hand in hand with spiritual growth.

Being born in the desert and and leading a nomadic life, Working with my body has been my only refuge on the road.

In 2004 as a Producer and Musician based in South Asia  I stumbled across a sweaty and humble south Indian Yoga Ashram and started my Yoga journey.​

intact by the journey I have been practicing Hata and Shivananda for a few years in India. introduce to Ashtanga in 2010 and finish a 500 hour teacher training course in 2013 .​

I brought my passion for sound and music to the mat and by introducing the dimension of music I started developing different techniques that helped me deepen my practice . from meditation to flow and inspiring others to be creative .​​

I am totally immersed into the practice and it carry me around all trough my days. i try to deliver this to the student and teach them my biggest challenge ….to Listen.... to myself , my body and to others .

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