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With the world becoming a global village, and as cross-cultural exchange happens on a daily basis in our creative space, we are contantly exposed to different forms of music and art that is being documented through video and audio media.


That said, by and large the quality of the recordings falls below average and justice is not being given to the original sounds.

The challenge is how to translate a moment, an exciting meeting with a person from another culture who plays a rare or unique and different instrument or a performance, into a recording that will carry that same signature of that meeting.


It's us the producers and the recording artists who carry the responsibility to capture the world and its sounds.

Listening is the main tool but knowing your equipment, techniques, and challenges is a big part of the trade.


In this talk we will explore the world of sampling, how to approach a recording of samples and in what way it is different from recording for a music track, such as the selection of preamps, mics, and techniques. The challenges of working outdoors and in the studio including keeping our attention all the time on the desired end result rather than work automatically.


Other than showing inspiring videos from his productions, Yotam also presents a few of his unique projects .

Yotam will also highlight the different types of libraries, and we will go trough a "Start to Finish" process. from Loop libraries to One shots.

Clinic time :

- 3 hours one time introduction.

- Twice 2.5 hours , a more of an in depth view.

- Five or Six workshops with hands on indoor and outdoor sampling and developing a personal library.

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