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A glimpse into Yotam's World as a producer-engineer on the road for over a decade, developing sounds and unique recording techniques.



Using sound and Music Yotam design unique soundscapes for Yoga and Meditation


Jaya Lakshmi, India 

Brilliant session! Feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to honour my commitment of being more present, aware and really listen to every sound and people around me.. thank you yotam... truly an enlightening journey.. blessed to have experienced this! Peace and love

Shirley Bandel, Belgium


"....a pure moment of bliss, oneness and happiness ... Infinite gratitude  and love  to yotam agam for having brought those live divine vibrating Soundscapes in the Shala 

Laura Gonzales, Spain

I teamed up with Yotam's music, and it was like having a teacher in the room: encouraging, holding, humorous, present and, above all, reminding me to breathe in backbends. It kept my concentration and made everything so beautiful..." Laura Gonzales (Spain)

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