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Mysore Yoga Paris Community

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

A Temple of breath, a space for growth, an inspiring community.

I've always been a late bloomer, the discovery space for me is always long, slow in many ways and rich in many other.

Been exploring the yoga space since 2004, from a simple Hata Yoga Shala in Madras to all what the world has to offer. being on a constant move, the mat has become my one and only refuge wherever I go.

for quite a few years I was dependent on teacher led classes and explored a lot of Yoga branches in studios around the world.

Based on a hunch, I have decided to commit myself to a teacher in Israel and for 2 years I was a student of Rinat Reina who showed the world to me and open her heart and knowledge, most of all opened the world of Ashtanga.

The discovery of self practice Ashtanga was a huge turning point for me and allowed me to deepen my practice on my own, on daily basis without being dependent on a studio.

but with that I started longing for the "Mysore Style Rooms" across the world that offered a sense of community and a meeting point with a guru.

After many years of strong physical ashtanga I started to realise it is not enough and I need to start focusing on other layers, but how to do that when you travel all the time?

I signed up for Sharat Jois one week workshop in Stockholm, started the week with huge expectation that slowly broke into a huge disappointment and without getting into the details of it I felt it may be the time for me to look for something else in the Yoga space.

BUT I LOVE THE ASHTANGA Space...... Confusion......

Wandering for a few more months, I found myself one winter morning at KIA NADDERMIER, Mysore Yoga Paris Shala. a space filled with sounds of breath, tailored into deep practice and welcoming energy, it was so strong that I have requested her a permission to record the breath in the room.

and without knowing I entered a new exploration space that in time have completely changed my ashtanga practice, invited me back in and keep nurturing me.

There are many words to describe my experience, from grace to gratitude, strength and tradition, Kia and her amazing apprentices hold a Yoga Shala in Paris, Holding a beautiful community.

Committed to traditional Ashtanga and to original scripts you find gentleness and grace, total ahimsa in a very strong practice.

its been a few years that I find myself coming back to the Shala and following the community around the world, it fills me with knowledge, my practice is explorative and I am blessed to be part in so many different ways.

If you are visiting Paris and or Living there, GO!

Mysore Yoga Paris

12, Rue Godefroy Cavaignac 75011 Paris

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