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The cycles of life introduced me with beautiful opportunities to share some of my music and recordings over a couple of interesting podcasts.

מעגלי החיים אפשרו לי להיות חלק משני פודקאסטים מרתקים

מזמין אתכם לשים אזניות ולעוף לשמיים


A collection of abstract travels thru sounds, using headphones I invite you to come on a listening journey with me around the world, from nature to city scapes, conversations and ambiance recordings I will take your on a journey.

In a noise polluted world , we develop so many filters and we sometimes loose connection with our sound environment. the episodes will spark your listening skills and will take over your imagination.


A collaboration with KIA NADDERMIER, my teacher and the community around her teachings, I am blessed to record and compose music for a series of talks, meditations, pranayama and asana practices

I invite you to roll your mat and join Kia and Myself on different journeys and studies.

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